Chapter 1 The Art of Trading

Chapter 2
Dana “Dan” Allen The Man Who Buys Crashes

Chapter 3
Rob Booker The 100-Pip Trader

Chapter 4
Chuck Hays The Coolest Guy in the Room

Chapter 5
Hoosain Harneker Rags to Riches

Chapter 6
Franki Law The Wisdom of Experience

Chapter 7
Indi Jones The Treasure Hunter

Chapter 8
Roland Campbell The News Junkie

Chapter 9
Tyrone Ball The Great Adapter

Chapter 10
Ashkan Bolour Surfing for Profits

Chapter 11
Paul Willette The All-American Trader

Chapter 12
Marcelino Livian FX Family Values

Chapter 13
Steven Ickow
Man vs. Machine

Chapter 14 Getting Started in Trading